For the past 13 years, Julie Blake has served as a Mind Mastery and Voice Coach helping clients all over the world silence their “Inner critic” to overcome their fears, find their voice, build confidence, and create a life they love.

​​As an Influential Voice in Business Coach, she helps execs, speakers and entrepreneurs develop their voice and master stage fright so they can rock the stage, presentations or on camera with confidence.

She is the Founder of Rock It Choir, which has partnered with KUTX98.9 and the Cactus Café in Austin, Texas to present “Choir at the Cactus” - where a group of strangers gather to grab a beer and learn a song in 3-part harmony and then perform it!

Does the sound of your voice express the power of your message?

 “38% of your ability to influence, motivate and inspire others
is in the sound and tonality of your voice.” ~Tony Robbins


I help Aliveness Seekers, Executives, Entrepreneurs, Speakers, and Sales Professionals develop their vocal power and silence their “Inner Critic,” so they can speak with confidence in life and business.

I teach the same vocal technique that Oprah and Tony Robbins use to improve the sound, tonality and influence of their voice. Developing your voice takes practice, but it is very easy to learn if you can silence your Inner Critic.

Your Inner Critic sabotages you by creating a fear of speaking, stage fright, camera shyness, audience disconnect and a fear of asking for clients.

Vocal fatigue, limited vocal dynamics, a soft voice that doesn’t project, and speaking at too high a pitch, disconnected from your vocal power all can be corrected and enhanced with vocal technique.


How I work…
The only way to access the untapped power in your voice is to RELAX into it. Perfection is not allowed! The voice magic happens by focusing on how relaxed it feels to sing… not by judging how you sound.

100% of my adult clients report feeling instantly at ease and having a tremendous amount of FUN while being astonished at quickly their voice transforms.

Client Results

Melissa, a life and business coach, gained the courage to leave a limiting relationship. She also reinvented her business model from hourly clients to confidently enrolling “results based” 4-5 figure clients.

Linda, professional coach, overcame extreme stage fright and expanded her business to include groups and speaking engagements. She retrained her voice to speak from a lower tone, accessing the natural power in her voice.

Troy, a medical doctor, was able to tame his “Inner Critic” that was stealing his aliveness by pressuring him to be a perfectionist and workaholic. He learned how to relax and enjoy life.

Janet, a businesswoman, found the courage to end a toxic business partnership and negotiate a financially happy ending. When we started, her voice was so soft and breathy, people could barely hear her speak. She increased the power, presence, and projection in her voice.

I have been privileged to work with world class transformational and business coaches including Steve Hardison, who also coaches Iyanla Vanzant, “Fix My Life” on the Oprah Network.