For the past 15 years, Julie Blake has served as a Mind Mastery and Transformational Voice Coach helping clients all over the world tame their “Inner critic” to overcome their fears, find their voice, build confidence and own the stage.


Julie says, "Public speaking is not the greatest fear - singing is! Overcoming the fear of singing in front of people develops an inner confidence and courage that transforms your entire life." 

The secret to unleashing the tapped power in your voice is to RELAX into it. Perfection is not allowed! Voice transformation happens by focusing on how relaxed it feels to sing… NOT by judging how you sound. And, it's always a lot more FUN than clients expect. 


Does the sound of your voice express the power of your message?

 “38% of your ability to influence, motivate and inspire others
is in the sound and tonality of your voice.” ~Tony Robbins


Speakers, Podcasters, Executives, and Sales Professionals 
Unleash your untapped vocal power while you increase dynamics, tone, projection and influence in your speaking voice. Speak with confidence and charisma on camera and on stage.