Julie Blake


My Confession...

I never dreamed of being a singer!

I joined the high school choir for ONE reason... to go to Hawaii. Aloha! Seriously, why else would a girl wear a dress like that?
I was good enough to make the high school choir (Mezzo Soprano). But I NEVER even considered singing a solo! 
The Murray High School (Utah) senior class Acapella choir traveled to Hawaii each year to compete in the International Festival of Music! Below is our extraordinary choir director, Mr. Flinders winning his first ever gold medal!

“Good intentions, like crying children should be carried out!”

~ Mr. Flinders, Choir Director

My Defining "I Can't Sing" Moment

In my senior year, I attempted to record a song just for fun and I went totally unprepared! So of course, I was amazingly awful!  This is when I decided that I COULD NOT SING. 

Fast forward 12 years... I started singing on a DARE to surprise my friends at my birthday party! And, because I PRACTICED the song, over and over and over again, I sounded great!
And thus, my addiction to singing and karaoke began!
At the finals of a karaoke contest, I met my first vocal coach, who introduced me to Speech Level Singing created by Seth Riggs, Vocal Coach to the Stars. In 1998 I attended Seth's Master Class in Los Angeles, and our entire group got to spend a day at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch (because Seth was Michael's vocal coach). 

I wish I had recordings of how BAD my singing was and how much I dramatically improved with learning the right vocal technique and lots of PRACTICE.

Mind Mastery + Vocal Coaching

In 2006, I was catapulted into the world of Personal Growth and Transformational Coaching. Since then, I’ve invested over six figures in my own personal and professional development. And, I’ve spent thousands of hours taming and retraining “The Voices” in my head while transforming my own life and assisting my clients to do the same.

I realized that no matter what my clients said… what they were REALLY hiring me for was to help them make “The Voices” in their heads SHUT UP so they could just RELAX, enjoy life!
​Behind business projects was the secret agenda of finally succeeding “enough” to make the mind shut up! To earn the right to RELAX, to justify their worthiness and prove they are good enough!

​I’ve been facilitating seemingly miraculous transformation by combing transformational coaching and teaching voice by turning OFF the judging ears and relaxing into the untapped power in their voice through cutting edge vocal technique.

I’m still humbled and amazed at how learning how to sing and developing your voice is the most effective way to “Find Your Voice,” develop confidence and transform all areas of your life!

Are you ready to SHINE?

Click play to hear Julie sing “SHINE”
 Words & Music by James Wigginton