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Austin Spurs Halftime Performance March 2019

Guest performance by

Austin City 6th District Councilman Jimmy Flannigan

“Voice with Julie has been one of the most empowering things I have done. When I started, singing was the most terrifying things I could think of doing. I walked in nervous and unsure, and wow- by the end of two hours I had begun to really find my confidence and power in my singing voice and I was joyfully singing a song I would have thought was out of my range.

It has been so much more than just learning to sing, it has totally freed my expression and allowed me to embody more of my power. I not only feel more confident in singing, but in my whole life! I feel like I am able to bring more of a playful expression, as well as my truth and power into everything I do.”

~Sydney Culver

Can you really learn how to sing?

Listen to the "Before and After" in the video below. 

"It only took me 60 years to give myself permission to sing when I joined Rock It Choir. I loved to sing as a child, but was told “Children should be seen and not heard” and I that sounded awful and shouldn’t sing! So I stopped singing and shut my voice (and life) down."


From the moment I walked into choir rehearsal, I felt welcome and was able to relax into singing right away! I am still surprised how much fun and how easy it was! Don’t wait 60 years… SING NOW!"

~Susan Murphy

Jolie Dawn Testimonial
Jolie Dawn Testimonal

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